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Eliminate PBX headaches with the 3CX IP Phone System!
3CX Phone System for Windows is an Office Phone System and IP PBX that completely replaces a proprietary PBX, supports standard SIP soft and/or hard phones from any vendor, VOIP service providers and traditional PSTN phone lines. Developed for Windows, 3CX is easy to install, configure and manage via web-based configuration. 3CX is scalable, eliminates phone wiring, allows hot desking and roaming, saves on call costs, is environmentally friendly and includes auto attendant.


Key Features:


The 3CX Phone System consists of the server software (the “IP PBX server”), one or more SIP soft or hardware phones, and optionally includes a VOIP Gateway to allow for calls to be made via regular PSTN lines. The system can use the existing computer wiring (and share the network point with the computer) and can be installed on an existing, non dedicated server. Scale to more extensions simply by adding more SIP phones. Say goodbye to expensive, proprietary, phone system expansion modules!


Oakhouse Technical Services can supply the phones, install and set up the software, provide you with full technical support and training and generally manage the whole of your telephone systems on a consultancy basis.

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