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Martin Longbottom Btech(Hons) Ceng MBCS CITP


Computer Disposal


In today’s world of identity thefts and data discovery it is important to ensure that ,when your computer needs to be replaced, the data does not fall into the wrong hands. The old machine may contain a lot of data which is sensitive to your business. Oakhouse Technical Services can ensure that this data is erased in such a manner that it is totally unrecoverable.


The machines which we dispose of  are cleared first then it is up to you where their final destination is.


We  have the facility where we can ensure that the whole system is destroyed

We can forward to either a reliable recycling centre or send on to help other less fortunate people.


Oakhouse Technical Services is in touch with a number of charities who will gratefully accept used equipment for various worthwhile projects around the world.