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Martin P Longbottom Btech(Hons) CENG MBCS CITP


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Computer Systems and Management Consultants

Oakhouse offers the service of remotely attaching to your computer such that OTS takes over your screen and keyboard to enable various support activities.

If your problem is just a question then click on CONTACT and enter your details there


This is a totally secure activity.

You connect to OTS, we cannot access your machine without you starting the connection.

Your screen stays visible at your site so that you can watch exactly what we are doing.

You can stop the connection at any time.

When the connection ends the link program is deleted from your system

How do you connect.

1. Call OTS as we have to be ready.

2. Click on the remote support link above

3. Click Open then Run the rs.exe program

4. Accept any security warnings

5. Double Click on Software Support

6. Once connected do not touch the mouse or keyboard unless you wish to disconnect.

In many cases there will be a charge for remote support when using this tool

Mdaemon Mail server downloads.

To install updates to the Mdaemon software.

Click on the links below whilst on your server. Then Click on Open

Note that this will stop your mail server for a while.

Mdaemon mail server latest version

Mdaemon Security Plus Antivirus latest version.

Contact Oakhouse if you experience any problems.